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The Little Book of the Flag
Chapter 1143 same hall
“We’re currently centered solely for the front-end in the train, so that’s a possibility.”
“The terminus station can be another effectively-loaded castle, a smallish stronghold, as it were,” Edith persisted. “His Majesty foresaw this specific problem a long time ago. Should the demons established the woodland aflame, Neglect Leaf would generate a flame belt to prevent the blaze from growing into the station. This fire buckle types the perfect pistol collection, by using a crystal clear view. It would be practically suicidal when the demons attempt to pa.s.s the fortress in opposition to crossfire.”
“Do you really signify… they’ll strike Tower Station No.?”
This was the label that flashed across Sylvie’s thoughts.
“That’s another mystery we’re yet to fix. Possibly, the demons have designed a new approach or simply a new weapon we’ve never seen to kitchen counter our scouts,” Edith explained flatly. “That being said, there isn’t just Tower Station No. 1. They can totally episode someplace else being a diversion.”
All of a sudden, she sensed a chill functioning down her backbone and shuddered uncontrollably.
“Sensible sufficient…” Steel Axe explained, nodding. “Except for Sylvie, Super and Maggie, not one of them uncovered warning signs of the demons. In case they have wanted to strike Tower Station No. 1 just as before, it would probably be too far gone for taking decisions now.”
Sylvie needed another appearance, and her way of thinking was established by the black color vision subject. The Attention of Secret would fail to see through good makes a difference in case the object was over and above its perception scale. As being the illumination was inadequate, she could hardly identify the edge of the woodland. All she spotted was really a pitch-darkish blackness, towards which gleamed the fancy fleck.
And also it was tremendous!
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“A diversion?” Metal Axe echoed thoughtfully. “Do you find yourself stating that the foe wasn’t intending to mess up our source?”
Vision increased, she appeared in the direction of the lighting — it was actually a of bright red flames streaking toward the to the south.
Their goal ended up being Leaf right away!
Now, the green dot was accelerating, pretty much as quickly as Maggie by means of a Devilbeast.
Now, the red-colored dot was accelerating, almost as fast as Maggie by means of a Devilbeast.
Sylvie pondered if it was her impression.
“I see.” The commander-in-main shipped his get right after a second of contemplation. “When the queen returns secure and safe, the ‘Blackwater River I” will go to Tower Station No. , while the ‘Blackwater Stream II” will patrol the region in between the Station No. as well as the forest. One other devices remain get while boosting the state warn to Alert Levels 1 until the alert is handicapped. Although we reckon the demons aren’t likely to invasion the north woodland, it will be preferable to extinguish the fireplace as soon as possible.” He then considered Agatha and explained, “Can I trust this task for your needs?”
The demons ended up approaching them at this particular very moment being the direct sun light gradually sank behind the woodland.
“We’re currently specific solely about the front-end of your train, so that’s a chance.”
“Fair ample…” Iron Axe reported, nodding. “However for Sylvie, Super and Maggie, none of them located indication of the demons. When they have made a decision to episode Tower Station No. 1 again, it might probably be past too far to adopt activities now.”
The Cursing Demon.
“They can’t have a really long journey without having a continuous supply of Red Mist or outposts,” Phyllis, the associated with the Taquila witches, responded. “Depending on my earlier experience, 500 could be the utmost.”
“Even if they generally do manage to send out their army into the Misty Woodland, the fireplace would open their songs,” Day Gentle placed in. “It could be far better to allow them to roll-out an invasion at night time after they can more effective cover up their traces during the woodland uncontrolled by Ms. Leaf.”
And also it was large!
“That’s another puzzle we’re yet to solve. Perhaps, the demons have developed a new method or maybe a new weapon we’ve never witnessed to counter-top our scouts,” Edith said flatly. “With that in mind, there isn’t just Tower Station No. 1. They may totally invasion somewhere else to be a diversion.”
“Even when they are doing find a way to deliver their army on the Misty Woodland, the blaze would reveal their songs,” Morning Gentle placed in. “It becomes better so they can roll-out an strike at night time if they can greater cover their remnants during the woodland uncontrolled by Ms. Leaf.”
“But Station No. is quite not the front side. I don’t feel the demons plenty of makes to move that substantially.”
The demons have been coming them around this very moment as the sunlight gradually sank behind the woodland.
Sylvie had another look, and her idea was proved by way of a dark colored eyesight field. The Eye of Magic would fail to see through stable matters in the event the object was above its eye-sight capacity. When the light was poor, she could hardly discern the advantage of your forest. All she observed was really a pitch-black blackness, versus which gleamed the elegant fleck.
Their goal has been Leaf from the beginning!
Sight increased, she checked in the direction of light — it turned out a of red fire streaking toward the south.
That was probably a picture she could only see in the boundless Barbarian Terrain.
The gorgeous scenario consequently appeared to be a little bit bleak and desolate.
“Operate… now…” Sylvie could not assistance screaming. “Operate, Leaf!”
“Even though they are doing find a way to transmit their army towards the Misty Forest, the blaze would open their monitors,” Day Lightweight set up. “It could be far better so that they can kick off an invasion at night when they can far better cover their traces within the woodland uncontrolled by Ms. Leaf.”

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